Bill Norman, Attorney At Law

Practice Areas & Industries

These are just a few of the business-legal services Mr. Norman provides to clients:

  • Start-up/Emerging businesses, for which he counsels companies on developing, documenting and implementing business processes, systems, choice of company structure and strategies designed to successfully maneuver the company from infancy to maturity.
  • Middle Market Companies: Strategizing, creating, negotiating and documenting complex business arrangements vital to the growth and continued prosperity of the company.
  • Reexamining, refining, and when necessary, re-thinking the company’s internal and external documentation, so as to assure continued growth and profitability, and where appropriate, positioning the company for sale.
  • Internal governance
  • Business plans
  • Arranging and negotiating start-up capital and commercial financing
  • Employment law
  • Contract document review and advice
  • Negotiation and preparation of customer and vendor contracts, as well as, other business agreements
  • Sales and Purchases of companies
  • Strategic alliances
  • Transition planning for owners considering selling or transitioning the ownership of their business
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